MATT WESTON:  Skate for the Lie
4-song CD EP   US$5.00
joint release with Tape Drift Records
"noise on noise, like snow on snow...this guy's serious about his creatural art." -- Rotational Review
available via Bandcamp

MATT WESTON:  "Kidnapping Denials" b/w "Put On A Good Face"
2-song 7" 45rpm   US$7.00
limited edition
recorded live on tour, summer 2013

"...I've seen him push the limits of a drum kit pretty damn far. Probably not this far, however, especially the parts that sound like he's softly urging little donkeys to run faster by pinching their ribs. No drum kit could do that." -- Byron Coley, the Wire

MATT WESTON:  For Teri Morris
2-song 7" 45rpm   US$5.00
limited edition
dedicated to the memory of musician-composer Teri Morris

"Matt plays his brains and heart out here ... a nice tribute to an extremely special spirit."  --
Byron Coley, The Wire

MATT WESTON:  The Last Of The Six-Cylinders
3-song CD EP   US$5.00
An orchestral work, dedicated to the memory of musician-composer Bill Dixon

"Weston is one of those drummers who...can create a complete and also a completely different musical world. ...Music that is utterly strange and uncommon, but because of its emotional appeal, also very nearby." -- Vital Weekly

MATT WESTON:  Seasick Blackout

3-song CD EP   US$5.00
"An arresting and majestic work of musique concrè listeners to the immense power of sound. Most highly recommended." -- DaveX, Startling Moniker

MATT WESTON:  not to be taken away 
full-length CD   US$10.00
"Weston's creations have an uncanny ability for getting under one's skin and scraping at bone and sinew." -- Foxy Digitalis

MATT WESTON: "Holler" b/w "Do You Hear Me?"  
2-song CD single   US$2.00
" of the more important talents you can find in the world today. Simple, fast and furious, a mouthwatering sound and a beacon of light for the future." -- Kathodik (Italy)

MATT WESTON: Resistance Cruisers
four-song 3" CD EP  US$5.00
" is evident that a true innovator is at work here.  Weston has an extensive vocabulary, and weaves nice textures in a post-AMM style.  His improvisations have a strong drive and sound, very fresh and to the point. ... Good stuff" -- Vital Weekly (Holland)

five-song 3" CD EP   US$5.00
"...a fantastic piece of modern art. It is unique in that it is not a standard drum performance one would find at a symphony or pop music concert. Listening to Weston’s music is a different experience in and of itself; ... The tracks have a surprising amount of expressive emotion produced from the unique instruments. Listening closely, there is an underlying accompaniment of sounds that are unusual, but add positively to the piece at large, even though you can’t quite put a finger on what instrument it is. Just when you think he is going one way with the rhythm the song goes in a whole other direction." -- Diana Tierney, Feminist Review

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